Thanks for the fun prompt, Natalie Kinsey! I wrote this poem for fun two years ago, on January 9, 2017. Just re-found it. Forgot to publish it. Whoops. Since it still rings true, seems worth publishing now…

What I’m Made Of

I am made
almost entirely
of open sky 

Equal parts
irreverence & reverence 
wide fields of imagination
prone to fly

I’m made of universe
dark & wonder us
earth & space & stars
two parts Venus
one part Mars
one part dust

I’m made of watchfulness and listening
made of trees & dragon wings
made of seasons, all things green
three squirrels, countless birds
also, all the SciFi nerds

I’m made of ocean,
am part crustacean
covered in moss, lichen, fascination
pinching canning supplies in gentle claws
made of all cool kitchen things

I’m made of steel now too
forged in fire that scorched my earth
memory-stealing disease & broken family
ancestor voices, soil that speaks to me, marching
to re-warm my heart
plus countless soft-knitted heart-crafted things
brought to me by friends 

I suspect I’m made, too, of chameleon
Some me, some you 
Changing by the day
as required by curiosity 
sky, love, life

Some days I’m made
of pussyhats
resilient sisterhood
large signs for those who can’t see small ones
realization, laughter, liberation, transformation 

I’m definitely made
of falling down &
falling back in love with everything
& again 

I find myself
not part anything now

Today I am all solitude 
all wondering
at rest in letting go
& welcoming