Let’s fix this
Oh fuck it
that’s never going to work
your fault my fault
someone here’s a jerk
candor and reticence
swings at the beach
keeping thoughts to yourself
giving a speech

making a decision
taking a stand
waffling, wondering
head in the sand
pain, unraveling
saying goodbye
punch the walls
crumple to a heap
in the blink of an eye

planning, taking
all the time you need
then saying yes
to leaping
yes to falling on your ass
yes to busy-ness and bother
worry and wait
chatter and blather
even hate

losing every thing now
beginning again
heartache, sorrow
going within
birth and her babies
wet toes in the sand
and her mourners
cold holding hands

needing absolutely nothing
sure could use a drink
self again in a heap
her tears
your face
feeling holy
fell asleep

from a daughter
crayons and tea

drop the crap
drop the act

weightless giggle

start to wiggle

Heal, Banana Peel.

silly mom photo