Pakistani girl walking to school

Syrian family fleeing the unimaginable

Lebanese nurse going to work
Lebanese father waiting for coffee

Student, everywhere at once, leading
demanding, becoming, better leaders

Each new voice saying #BlackLivesMatter

Muslim security guard saving a stadium of people

French death metal concert goer and the wife praying for you

Blood-spattered child covering your head, crouching low
fleeing a school shooter. Parent whole-body pressed against a chain link fence
willing life to your heart, your world, on the other side


Bullied gay man

Harassed transgender woman

Korean government protester

Wounded and weeping Palestinian family

Haitian woman reimagining rubble into art and faith into school supplies

Drone victim

Arab Spring protestor

Occupy Wall Street tent dweller

Sobbing Kenyan university student

Man crossing a dangerous border
crossing an imaginary line
risking death for your family

Homeless vet

Old woman and man standing together in the rain
protesting corruption and greed behind the war

Neighbor who just lost your daughter
Neighbor who just lost your wife
Mother losing her mind

Citizen, voter saying enough, digging deeper, learning more
changing yourself in the face of overwhelming pressure and fear and outrage

Austerity sufferer

Factory-farmed animal and fish

Pipeline, wage, climate, environment, and freedom protestor

Earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, illness, rape survivor

And the one who didn’t survive

Police officer, soldier, government employee,
journalist, religious leader, politician, guard,
academic, teacher, and healer
trying to protect, to do the right thing
trying to live a just and kindness-filled life
trying to fight despair and growing anger within
inside a massive old system that gives you precious little time for it…


I am breathing more deeply with you

your whole earth, your whole sky, your whole soil, your whole water
loves you

I love you

don’t think that the mass media
–controlled by a handful of humans, no matter where we are–
or social media
represents a whole truth here on Mother Earth
or means anything more
than a handful of sand tossed into the ocean
if it forgets you

You are not forgotten.

You are not forgotten.

Every breath. Every experience. Every tear. Matter.
Matter far more than we can know.

Our ears tune to a wider frequency
beyond technology, beyond religion, beyond ideas
of right and wrong and good and bad

I look to my own heart
the physical one
feel it beat
the emotional one
notice that heart connect to the pain of so many others

I feel the frequency of heartbreaks these days
I feel the earth cracking us wide open

I look at the list for whom my heart breaks today
just today. just right now.
and marvel at its infinite capacity 

hearts around the world
are breaking for each other now
hearts around the world
hold yours within theirs now

touch your heart
feel it beating
that is my heart

sit on the soil
look at the sky,
feel the breeze
hear and smell the neighborhood
that is my body


your heart
oh your heart, dearest one
is the heart of a whole planet

your tears fall upon our crops
investing in shared futures
your laughter lifts our spirits
a salve upon our now

blessed are the forgotten
only we know for certain
I Love You is a wider frequency