a flash poem inspired by my new We Shall Dance with Mountains friends…


Letting It Be

soft paused cat
nose to
velvet bumblebee nose

children down on the beach
yelling to one another
in self-created language:
“Unda buda!” shout lungs
“Oggie buggie buda!” echo other lungs
my brain begins to translate
just let it bee

eyes shift to a new spot
in the far tree
where eagle sits
watching her perfect huge and bumbling brown twins
practice soaring
for their approaching family vacation

eyes spot my favorite human neighbor
being walked by his timid dog
being led out, up
away from humanity
by a dog who
trembles when
human hands approach her

oh, how I love the invisibility
of sitting on the deck, high up
yet on the deck boards themselves,
on this ground, the gray wood splintering
around me

few human eyes think to look here
won’t see outside their own expected
for other humans
so I’m invisible
except to cat
and bird and

except for eagle mama
whose eyes are
always on
feeling no need to translate

and except for you
on the sacred
on our asses
on the ground
together now
just let it be