Kentucky is freezing
South Dakota’s a mess
New York is frigid
Tennessee’s in distress
Maine’s streets are frosty
D.C.’s they are too
And even Ms Georgia
has frost on her shoes.

It’s a confusing time to be living
in the Pacific Northwest
February’s sting feels less harsh now
as we listen to the rest,
for there’s no ice here, no snow,
no schools closed for weeks,
no car-ladden ditches,
no frost-bitten cheeks,
no record low temps,
no politicians spreading blame,
on why it is his fault, no his fault,
that the streets are insane.

We’re normally depressed now
into month five of the gray
but this year is different
it’s night versus day
it feels rather warm here
the grass, it’s still green,
the moss on the rooftops,
is soothing, serene
the sun breaks seem friendly,
the wind’s not so bad,
the clouds are quite lovely,
and the puddles are rad!

So thank you frozen Facebook friends,
for your tales of winter woe,
you’ve brought sharply into focus
something important we must know,
normally we’d be dreaming now
of packing it all in,
moving to Hawaiian beaches,
imagining warmer, tropical wind.

It may be dark here in winter
gray land, sky, and seas,
but you’ve created utter delight this year,
about our 48 degrees.

weathers not so bad here