Recognizing Self-Organization at Work (8 of 9)

How do I know when I’m self-organizing and how do we know if our group is self-organizing?

Indicator #8: Enjoying yourself in the moment and in hindsight

I am self-organizing when I enjoy myself in the moment and in hindsight. Demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Laughing and smiling
  • Experiencing a sense of freedom, talking about experiencing a sense of freedom/describing a sense of freedom, and demonstrating a sense of freedom (for example, thinking from another perspective, switching roles with another, or surprising yourself)
  • Expressing and demonstrating excitement
  • Making fun of yourself
  • Telling jokes to and teasing others you consider part of yourself
  • Reminiscing
  • Experiencing moments of “wow!” and “ah-ha!”

As a group, we’re self-organizing when we enjoy ourselves in the moment and in hindsight. Demonstrated in the following ways:

  • Collective laughter and smiles
  • Group members talking all at the same time (demonstrating excitement about what they’re doing and saying)
  • Teasing each other
  • Joking together
  • Group members feel the work is fun and rewarding most of the time—in the moment and in hindsight
  • Happily reminiscing together after the lifetime of the group
  • Experiencing collective moments of “wow!” and “ah-ha!”

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