Welcome to Collective Self Editorial and Community Story Wrangling Services! Are you looking for an editor for your project? Someone to help gather and share your stories? Email or call or text me at 206-805-9978. If I can’t help you, I likely know someone who can. Hours: Every day, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. Select the tabs below for detailed service descriptions and costs.

Our Work

My job is to help you be as amazing in writing as you are in person: to help you become more visible and better understood. As an editor and writing coach, I ensure that you create language and written work that reflect your true self. As a community story wrangler, I work with organizations, communities, and families to gather and share the stories you’re living: to help bring people and communities closer.

Crafting the amazing—whether that’s written content, learning experiences, stories, selves, businesses, or communities—in a chronically too busy and stress-generating world starts with remembering that we’re amazing. We are amazing! We have it in us to insist on thriving together as people and with each small step and misstep we take. We have teamwork, humor, flexibility, and a willingness to support each other as people (not just as coworkers, clients, or customers) within us too. We have it in us to grow curious about what matters most to those present with us and to let go of what doesn’t matter anymore. What matters most to me is our innate ability to find laughter, connection, and wisdom wherever we go. I look forward to learning what matters most to you!

Copy editing

Description: Checking written content for correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors, typos such as missed or duplicate words, and grammatical correctness, such as proper and consistent verb tense and sentence structure. Cost: $5 per page (assumes an industry average 250-word page).

Developmental editing

Description: Depending on the project, this often involves improving the flow, identifying written content that could be cut, and checking content for internal factual errors, inconsistencies, and contradictions. Developmental (dev) editors can serve as a second set of writer eyes for authors by helping identify places where you lose readers and by suggesting ways to improve reader interest, clarity, character development, or plot (depending on the genre). We’re also used by organizations for important or widely-used documentation and web content. We may be brought in early to help create or improve the overall structure of the work or near the end to improve and reduce content prior to copyediting, to save money on copyediting. Note: Depending on the field, this type of editing may also be called content editing or substantive editing. Cost: $8 per page (assumes an industry average 250-word page).

book editing

Description: Gathering stories within your community, organization, or family and helping you figure out how to best share them with others. This work often involves getting to know people via in-person and Skype visits; individual and group interviews; helping people feel safe sharing their feelings and experiences; having fun together co-creating stories; writing stories and sharing them via websites, books, brochures, flyers, handouts, postcards, magazines, newsletters, letters, book jackets, songs (the sky’s the limit); and pulling in others as needed: for example, photographers, illustrators, videographers, etc. depending on how you decide to share your story. Cost: $50 an hour or on a per project basis (if project is well scoped).gathered stories

Description: Editing written copy (details specified in contract) in a highly specialized, highly regulated, or cutting-edge field. In addition to standard editing tasks, technical editing may include researching (or helping create) correct product names and acronyms; ensuring content meets legal requirements and uses correct trademarking; proper use of organization-, association-, industry-, nation-, localization-, and/or globalization-specific language; working with other editors and writers to ensure consistency across products and projects; working to understand target audiences and then working with highly specialized subject matter experts to ensure that target audiences will understand what they are saying; creating project- or product-specific style guides for writers and other editors to use; working with localization experts to ensure that content and intent will be understood (or tweaked to work) in other places; working with accessibility experts (or serving as the accessibility expert) to ensure that content can be accessed by a wide variety of people with different needs; and updating existing trademark and legal lists, fictitious names lists, and organization-specific style guides with new product and project names, terms, and usage guidelines. Cost: $50 an hour or per project basis (if project is well scoped). technical editing

Description: This service is for those who want to invest in themselves as writers. Coaching may be for you if you like one-on-one help and are 1) a new or struggling author, 2) someone who has mastered their work (any field) and wants to take it to the next level via writing and storytelling, 3) struggling with writing but need to do more of it in your work life, or 4) someone whose first language isn’t English and who aspires to write more in English. We work together to recognize and tap into your strengths, improve your writing, and meet your writing goals. Typically, we start with an initial session in which you talk about your history and goals as a writer, I tell you about my background as it relates to your goals, and then I go home and review sample of your writing and send you some feedback. After that, we can have as many sessions as needed depending on your goals (examples: meeting monthly, meeting weekly for several months, or meeting just one or two more times). Cost: $55 per 1-hour in-person or Skype session. Receive a 10% discount if you book 3 or more sessions up front.writing


Lori and Mary

Description: As an instructional design (ID) consultant, I work with you to create more valuable learning experiences for those you serve. What we create together can vary widely: some examples include classroom-based course content, slide decks, instructor notes, online courses, better assessments, skills domains, objectives, learning-centered events/pop-ups/meetups, and accompanying job aids and other memory aids. I typically work hand-in-hand with subject matter experts (SMEs) to do my work: either 1) co-imagining or creating materials with SMEs or 2) offering SMEs suggestions and ideas to improve accessibility, engagement, learning outcomes, and/or retention for what they have planned or created. I come equipped with years of experience as a learning solutions consultant and instructional- and curriculum-designer within Microsoft, a masters degree in Adult Education & Training, a practice-centered doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, and my own research focusing on informal learning within self-organizing groups, work groups, and communities. I’ve studied more than 40 self-organizing groups and communities centered primarily on the U.S. West coast. Cost: $95 an hour or per project (if project is well scoped).


I work with the world’s most adorable SMEs


Description: For neighbors and friends I also provide:

  • Coworking space creation advice, hosting, and host support
  • Workshop and classroom support
  • New writer, blogger, author, and poet support
  • Caregiver respite and support
  • New parent and pet parent support
  • Home canning advice, teaching, products, support
  • Avid home gardener advice, plants, and support
  • Backyard barter event advice, products, and support
  • Neighborhood-spanning event planning advice and support, including large-scale hopscotch-path creation advice and support
  • Get away weekends here at the beach on Whidbey
  • Pet sitting
  • Sad, sick, or stranded neighbor support

Benefit: For the joy and privilege of living and sharing in this amazing world. No cost.





Dear Lori, thank you for the wonderful coworking day on Whidbey!  We had an incredible time!  Thank you for opening up your home and kitchen for us to play, create, enjoy, cook, and relax.  It was so lovely. – Nicole

Lori, thanks again for letting us stay with you for the weekend. We had such a great time, as usual. I’m so happy we were able to spend some one on one time together. I always deeply enjoy the time I get to spend with you. I find you both to be wonderful role models. – Jane and Ryan

Fuck, man. Thank you. You are the smart big sister I always wanted. – Tabitha

Whole retreat seriesCanning pickles and cherries for the winter



Fantastic thoughts. Thanks so much Lori, your input has really lead to an improved book! I appreciate all the suggestions here to improve the book and help me as a writer.
Josh Maher

Author, How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks

I just wanted to let you know how important it was for me to hear the interview with Lori Kane, and say thank you. I have felt immobilized since the election and could not understand it. I have experienced the range of emotions as described by Lori Kane and just could not make the connection between all that and my creativity and ability to get out and shoot or even process photos. And have not had one single person in my life able to help me understand it and make some connection. Hearing this episode was life changing. Had no idea others have felt the same! So healing! Thanks much.

A podcast listener

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lori.This is wonderful. Too bad we can’t move the whole world into this concept. I really can’t suggest anything that would improve on this piece. It takes care of everything and all situations that might occur. I had never heard of coworking space until the other night and even then didn’t have a clear idea as to what it might entail. Lori has made it clear, and I love it. Just let me know what I can do to help move things along.
Sydnee Elliot

Author, Polly's Wild Dance, a novel, and Lost and Found, a collection of short stories

O, I so much love this post. O and again O you wonderful writer, you playful being.
Bernie DeKoven

Leading Fun Theorist, Author of The Well-Played Game and A Playful Path and creator of the CD Recess for the Soul

Now passion is not as rare a quality at Microsoft as it is in other companies, but Lori has set quite a high bar for us. I’ve been around since the Jurassic era and I’ve never worked with anyone whose passion and expertise has led to such a personal impact.
Kim Field

Director, Microsoft Learning, Microsoft

I am so truly appreciative that you took the time to meet with me. It was very refreshing for me because you enjoy the work you do (work I love, too) and you are continuing to work to perfect your skills. I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to [the organization] in any position because the group I’d been with just didn’t seem all that thrilled about what they did – you helped remind me that there are other people who are engaged by the learning process, who want to create opportunity for people in all settings and situations and have the skills to make quality training a reality. Thank you, my appreciation was too slow in coming – but it really is heartfelt!
Susan Cooke

Instructional Designer

I just wanted to take a minute to recognize Lori’s incredible work and passion around this project.  She has done an excellent job of articulating a vision for the…work and driving that vision. The…project has not been without challenges. It has occurred on an accelerated timeline and with several different groups working on important pieces. This has often led to miscommunication and some misinformation. Throughout it all, Lori has moved the…process and product forward, incorporating lessons learned from each event and improving both the process and the product. Not only has she done a great job with the internal teams, she really shines in front of the customers…that attend sessions. Lori’s energy, passion, and intelligence really shine in those meetings. It is not always easy getting 5-6 industry experts to agree on job tasks and Lori makes it seem effortless….I received an email this morning from one of the [customers] that attended last week.  Here is what he had to say: ‘Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate last week, I honestly feel it was the most rewarding professional experience I have had.’
Maura Cannon

Project Manager, Microsoft

I can honestly attest to Lori’s thoroughness, attention to detail, and creative methods in approaching questions for study. Lori has always been an excellent collaborator; whether she has taken the helm as a chairperson or volunteered her assistance to someone else’s project, Lori is dedicated, open-minded, and eager to make the project and each of the participants successful. As a writer, Lori can walk the line between academia and poetry. She is gifted with metaphors as teaching tools, and gives the reader many opportunities to explore a point through storytelling, statistics, and references.
Erika Campbell, Ed.D, MA, LMHC

Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, Freelance Curriculum Writer and Trainer for Aging and Dementia

I worked with Lori on multiple instructor-led training development projects at Microsoft. Lori is a tremendous asset during all phases of courseware development – she facilitates a true understanding of the audience, which then drives appropriately targeted learning objectives. During development, she is able to quickly pare down large content dumps into clear, understandable, useful training materials. In addition to her obvious technical abilities, she is brilliant, thoughtful, and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.
Janice Ricketts, MBA, BSEE

Realtor, Exit Realty 1st Class

During the time I worked with Lori, she distinguished herself again and again, as a capable leader in the way she came up with new processes for executing large, complex curriculum development projects, and by her personal integrity and great insight about what moves people and organizations.
Chris Baca

Technical Content Developer, Technical Content Developer at LexisNexis

This is an excellent piece of work.  Not only do I want to encourage you to create these for each series, we really need this document now for the Visual Studio 2005 courses.  We’re about to launch a major exam-led selling initiative and the information in this doc is just awesome. I’m thrilled to get this because this guide, in almost its current form, is excellent sales training, marketing, and customer-facing collateral. That’s one of the things I’ll do with it. Now that I know this kind of stuff might be on the MCT site, I’ve asked my people to find any of it that might exist. Bravo to you and your team! This is exactly, and I mean exactly, what we need.  More, please—we will make money with this. Best regards and thanks again.
Todd Shelton

Owner, NetDesk

WELL DONE!!! This is great work. This will provide a solid foundation and roadmap for our future Exchange 12 curriculum. Please give my thanks to all of those who made this happen.
Greg Weber

E-learning Product Planner

I’m also very grateful for your team’s cooperation and the great work being done by Lori and Devon (and Laura, too) on this initiative. When I started in MS Learning, I kept hearing about the old structure where there was little in the way of sharing information among teams. My experience in these few short months has been the exact opposite. It seems everyone’s been extremely helpful and inspiring. There is a common understanding that we’re all working together to, as Lori put it so eloquently, create a true family of customer-centric, top-notch MSL products.
Ken Jones

Books Product Planner, Microsoft Press

Hi Lori, I really enjoyed your team’s presentation this morning at the Training Associates MCT Trainer session. What your group is doing seems to be taking the design of training materials to a whole new level, well done! I read the article on “Considerations for Making Small Group Activities Work” with considerable interest, and can offer you some real field tested experience having implemented these ideas in my classes teaching .NET. I was unaware of this body of research, having largely come up with similar ideas just by trail and error and a desire to make the learning experience more fruitful for the students.
Sunil Abrol

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Many, many thanks for your wonderful presentation last Sunday. You have a wonderfully relaxed and effective presentation style. Your talk fit in beautifully with the topics included in the seminar readings and the video of ‘Leadership and the new science.’  The quality and clarity of your talk was reflected in the students’ enthusiastic evaluations of your talk. Again, many thanks and Bravo!!
Dr. Dick Williams

Adjunct Professor, Seattle University