within the unknowing
we offer unwavering presence
tell your stories, our stories
so many inside giggles

within the unknowing
at times we keep busy
searching, sharing, worrying
gardening, cooking, praying, offering

sometimes we grow weary, angry
within the unknowing
falter, weep, recover
all responses are ok here, just fine
we’re learning what rest is
how to shelter in place within life herself
drop what doesn’t matter to be held by what does

within the unknowing
love is everything, distance nothing
we touch the same earth comforted
look at the same sky smiling
aware of being loved by each other
known each moment of our existence
treasured by every molecule of the planet

within the uncertainty
we see you, hold you, know you

float within unknowing together
certain of nothing but each other
at times surprised to find ourselves laughing, even now
because to know you fills us so completely
like always
and always