This stone

was a gift from Wyoming
she longed to travel
so a friend pulled her from her field
brought her here to me
to live beside the sea

she found herself in a house of rocks
here from every nation
imagined herself at first
in train station

here she was appreciated
not just for her beauty
but for her considerable size and weight
found her calling
holding open a gate

she mentioned that she loves it here
the sea air
friends everywhere
she made just one request

turn me over, she said
you’ve set me on my face
and I’d like to enjoy the view

I apologized, though that was not her intent

I lifted her up
we toured the whole place
she met her brethren
sister rocks
met yard and window views
met the cats and dog
all of whom bowed to her, I noticed
when properly introduced

she touched the other gate holder
in our bedroom
her best buddy
face to face

then she sat back down by her gate
to hold it secure against the sea breeze
for Joe the cat
Joey Big Pause, her favorite cat
and I heard her sigh as she took in her view of the sea

or maybe that was me