For all my friends out there celebrating the Day of the Playful Heart this weekend. And a few in particular. You know who you are…


The Day of the Playful Heart, A Very Important Poem

by Lori Kane


There once was a heart so playful

It couldn’t fit inside its human

So it decided to go on a journey.


It became a learner,

And studied play,

Becoming a teacher,

To play with students

Learn learn!


It became a lovable partner,

And played with intimacy,

Holding hands with laughter

Applauding falling leaves

Sexy sexy!


The heart created games,

So that others could play too,

And then it created a games preserve,

Because what the hell else would it do?!


It played with its work,

Author, speaker, designer, oh my!

Large-scale play event inventor,

Eater of pie!


The heart became a parent,

To expand the playful song,

And it became a grandparent too,

A whole flock to play ping pong!


And all along its journey,

The playful heart was never completely alone,

Because playful hearts kept showing up,

On foot and by phone,

In through its doorstep,

Often in groups,

Landing in its inbox,

Hanging out on its stoops!


One day those hearts got together

To honor the playful heart in all

To really effing live it

They’re out there having a ball!


Now every February 1st

Both near and afar

We notice our own playful journey

Wherever we are.


Go on a mission with others!

Have tea and cookies in your tutu!

Start a game of beach walk bingo!

Or Identify That Doo Doo!


When the heart is playful

The grateful eyes are lit

Now get thee on a mission,

Tag, my friend. You’re it!

Self-Org Groups in the Seattle Seafair Milk Carton Derby