be extra kind to yourself, little human
in this interim span while the world remakes herself for you

you are little for a reason

take solace in walking outside
talking to neighbors
touching the soil and water with your so-cool hands
eating food you made yourself, and that made for you
making love
breathing via those miracle lungs of yours

immerse yourself in some small thing of beauty to you
for you
and when you lose track of time
celebrate this not-small freedom
with a dance of your own making

your dancing feeds our roots, and yours

stop feeling bad for protecting your tender ears from ongoing media screams
for shading vulnerable eyes from the dark circus politic
for powering down devices streaming the worst planetary pain

let go of Changing The World
discuss her as a concept endlessly and you can can forget alternatives
like joining life’s dance

 can can

on those remarkable feet

can can

 like finding your new self fluid

can can

to your surprise and delight

take up one heartfelt project or creature
dwell with it lightly and completely
the difference made there
is felt everywhere
trust us
you connect to life by being you, not by trying to be her

and when you find yourself in the mood to be life herself

in the mood for Changing The World

try shedding your belief in evil

slowly, patiently,

as you can can, little human

that belief keeps distant

what life wants closer



kale selfie