Dull reeds and mud-gray grass
winter’s cattails dirt-sprayed root to tip
hints of breezes dance between the strands and
dew drops race sunshine
down bended blades to end
within evaporation.

Driftwood graveyard here at low tide’s end
trickling water settles in to chill
in spa-pack salt-smooth mud
all’s peaceful here and still
on a Washington coast
in home Swinomish
warm to the bone
at 61 degrees.

To fall backwards
down deep
into love with a place
is to notice yourself
is to lose yourself
into home, into space
with no where to go
no time to lose
just shoeless feet
blanket grass and
mother earth
to hold us when we fall.

Here beyond
lives the one
just now
just one
just me.
My lungs are fog
my heart is mirth
Skagit bay? he is my buddy
I’m gilled
and breathing it
all in.
How lovely to be
this Salish sea.
How delightful
to be