blades of green bend low and
breathe in damp, the misted seaside
glows, fog yellow gray among
planked houses, sunlight slants across
the field, racing tree shadows tumbling
down and softly yield

those dry spots are deer footprints
strong and hesitant
tenderly picking their way through
infinite breakfast 

spider draped in diamond web
checks her Tiffany watch
munches salted housefly
slightly bored
dreams of tiny diamond Fitbits

she’s not the only dreamer here. look there,
paw across face, gentle sleeping girl cat
ignoring the boys who drive her mad
converting sunbeam to shallow purring
passive feline heater: hissed off no more

cream painted wood wraps our home this
ship on land, driftwood leans in
floor awash with sand
counters breathe wide open empty from
our passing on of gifts
donations free our heavy hands while

yoda looks down on boba fett
arms wide with welcome across the
tardis comforter
empire strikes back sheets and
stargate bobleheads
Generation X spirit guides,
as much as stones, shells, and driftwood
Oh precious artifacts

this sky this shore this place
right here
this fog-lined sea and time-lined face

right here
this is where I love you