as you go to change the world
how amazing
that new haircut plus the kiss
of summer’s first warm rays
on your face
made you feel.
And in feeling just a little bit better about yourself,
how aware you became
of the sounds of neighbors’ friendly gossip
of the velvety presence of burgundy-black roses
backlit by glowing green
of the distant harmonies of birds, insects, children on swings.
Remember how thankful you were
to be free, healthy that moment,
moving through space
as a conscious being just then.
Recall how the tiniest of external adjustments
slightly elevated your insides
tuned them into the amazingness of now.

This is when you embraced transition, let go, changed.
When you relaxed into being
meltingly aware of the fullness of life.
The moment just after
the hands of a kind stranger
blessed your head
and you stepped outside
feeling blessed
lucking into sunshine
both changing and changed.