If women were pirates
ships would smell of jasmine in summer
cinnamon in winter
rain in the springtime
Pirate hats would be more fabulous
Treasure would be friendship
and children and loving this moment
And booty
Oh, that booty
would be
shakin to the music
Every god
Every damn
Every day

When women are pirates
lands conquered
lie within us
Relationships a safe refuge
Fog and mystery a delight,
most days,
freedom that’s found
happens within the chaos
Through it
Beside it
shakin that booty
and holding hands
Every sailing
Every away and
Every coming
Every home

As more women become pirates
tears will flow like great rivers
ceilings will shatter
until there is only sky
Abundance will be noticed
warm soil between fingers
smooth stones in pockets
cracks allowing in the light
blessed food offerings and
the dark warm blanket of night
Vulnerability will become our beloved worn boots
Gratitude an unstoppable broad’s sword
Kindness a golden front tooth
Sharing taken for granted and
Life, not so much

And booty
she’ll be dancing
like no one is watching
Except for your eyes
now known to love pirates
still surprised and delighted
to be here with her dancing
Every God
Every Damn
Every Day