Bella on sillWork begins

with fed cat

on the windowsill

with butt in chair


Ears to be perpetually tuned to TWBS,

the wind and bird station

even during the big meeting

especially within the mundane


Good work for pirates

with tied tongues and agile fingers

who delight in looking silly on paper

and lighting the fireplace with old resumes


Good work for the remarkably interested

in everything

and the remarkably bad

at caring about when they showered last

or brushed their hair


Good work for souls inclined

to bow before nature

and stand up

to words

For those not long bothered by the labels


self-centered, and

useless,Who me?

except when the page itself

softly nudges delete


Good work for hearts

sometimes embarrassed

by how much they love

stunning broken places

and glorious piecemeal selves


Good work for those

with gratitude unshaken by humans

most days,

yet rattled,

and able to move in a flash,

when the dog farts.


Finds wild peace within rivers

in the wandering

the wondering

the longing

and the looking on.

Within the never knowing

the wading in slowly

and the jumping

all in


Sometimes prepared

always surprised and utterly delighted

when the whole bloody mouthful

falls away




Apply within.