Whenever possible…

1. Write.
2. Count everything you write as writing.
3. Write everything that you write as well as you can.
4. Carry writing tools with you.
5. Journal your way through difficult times.
6. Keep your favorite bits of writing in a findable, re-readable place.
7. Go back to this place and read your own work periodically at a long interval that works best for you. I like 4 months.
8. Read the work of a favorite writer in the morning before anything else or before you write.
9. Play.
10. See hobbies and jobs as tools for expanding yourself as a writer.
11. Tell people that you are a writer.
12. Ask creators you love to read your work, volunteer to do the same for them, and listen to feedback. Yes, you can ask dead people.
13. Allow playing and writing and living to be the same thing.