Under Book Covers

Under Book Covers

Gathering stories
crying with strangers-turned-friends
tales woven
into focused collections
into pages
and pages
calloused fingers
hand crafting a shared love

Book covers created
with patience
humor and
a little, not- annoying- we-hope,
Blurbs too.
Ridiculous amounts of time
pondering fonts

Then off she goes
on toddering legs
into the big wide world
equal parts confidence and hesitance
amazing, charming, and landing,
on her pampered behind
adored by a clapping family
ignored by everyone else.

Peace gets made with this. Sort of.
Popularity contests are for high school, cue eye roll.
I’m still waiting to grow up.

Drinks with friends
talk turns to Amazon best sellers
what we read when no one is watching
murder mysteries, sci fi, and smut, oh god, the smut.
Tales circulate
of $30,000 made
(that’s like a billion gazillion dollars in writer land)
on one monster erotica book

Wouldn’t be so terrible,
to create trash and romance
to splash
rock-hard abs
onto front and back covers
to write
fast and furiously
screaming “Oh god, FUCK the font!”
hair blown back in creative collaboration
until we’re exhausted
satisfied with sales
and just a little

Some days I wonder.
Beauty in books
may be in the eyes of creators and readers
but big sales
are clearly in abs.

I was Certain
from ages 10 to 43
that this was selling out.
Now I’m not so sure.
Maybe this is writer selves
skinny dipping
all in
feet and abs first
guns blazing
chests bared
delighting in being delighted in.

Maybe being human
is not so bad
after all.

Time to start creating
what we really love.

sexy cats

Unraveling into playfulness

Unraveling into playfulness

Let’s fix this
Oh fuck it
that’s never going to work
your fault my fault
someone here’s a jerk
candor and reticence
swings at the beach
keeping thoughts to yourself
giving a speech

making a decision
taking a stand
waffling, wondering
head in the sand
pain, unraveling
saying goodbye
punch the walls
crumple to a heap
in the blink of an eye

planning, taking
all the time you need
then saying yes
to leaping
yes to falling on your ass
yes to busy-ness and bother
worry and wait
chatter and blather
even hate

losing every thing now
beginning again
heartache, sorrow
going within
birth and her babies
wet toes in the sand
and her mourners
cold holding hands

needing absolutely nothing
sure could use a drink
self again in a heap
her tears
your face
feeling holy
fell asleep

from a daughter
crayons and tea

drop the crap
drop the act

weightless giggle

start to wiggle

Heal, Banana Peel.

silly mom photo

An ode for frozen friends

An ode for frozen friends

Kentucky is freezing
South Dakota’s a mess
New York is frigid
Tennessee’s in distress
Maine’s streets are frosty
D.C.’s they are too
And even Ms Georgia
has frost on her shoes.

It’s a confusing time to be living
in the Pacific Northwest
February’s sting feels less harsh now
as we listen to the rest,
for there’s no ice here, no snow,
no schools closed for weeks,
no car-ladden ditches,
no frost-bitten cheeks,
no record low temps,
no politicians spreading blame,
on why it is his fault, no his fault,
that the streets are insane.

We’re normally depressed now
into month five of the gray
but this year is different
it’s night versus day
it feels rather warm here
the grass, it’s still green,
the moss on the rooftops,
is soothing, serene
the sun breaks seem friendly,
the wind’s not so bad,
the clouds are quite lovely,
and the puddles are rad!

So thank you frozen Facebook friends,
for your tales of winter woe,
you’ve brought sharply into focus
something important we must know,
normally we’d be dreaming now
of packing it all in,
moving to Hawaiian beaches,
imagining warmer, tropical wind.

It may be dark here in winter
gray land, sky, and seas,
but you’ve created utter delight this year,
about our 48 degrees.

weathers not so bad here

growing up on Kingston Drive

growing up on Kingston Drive

I remember
three tiers of kids:
the teens, not us,
the big kids, us,
the little kids, younger sisters, brothers.
the older, as groups,
always trying to ditch the younger,
but as individuals
always up to playing
with anyone at all

willow tree forts
where grownups can’t see us
stealing carrots from gardens
like rabbits
that one time, trapped

Terabithia recreated
with twigs and carpet remnants
then stealing away
to the abandoned farm
through corn fields
finding unending treasure
in ruin

go out again!
to our parents
so our babysitters
who came on horseback
would bring us their horses to ride
pure suburban nirvana

Donkey Kong at Ritchie’s
and learning that he liked me
through the awkward gift
of a pen
with all the letters carved off
except for one R
one L
and an and
left between them

I liked Kevin

Me mom and Jen

The day of the playful heart

The day of the playful heart

For all my friends out there celebrating the Day of the Playful Heart this weekend. And a few in particular. You know who you are…


The Day of the Playful Heart, A Very Important Poem

by Lori Kane


There once was a heart so playful

It couldn’t fit inside its human

So it decided to go on a journey.


It became a learner,

And studied play,

Becoming a teacher,

To play with students

Learn learn!


It became a lovable partner,

And played with intimacy,

Holding hands with laughter

Applauding falling leaves

Sexy sexy!


The heart created games,

So that others could play too,

And then it created a games preserve,

Because what the hell else would it do?!


It played with its work,

Author, speaker, designer, oh my!

Large-scale play event inventor,

Eater of pie!


The heart became a parent,

To expand the playful song,

And it became a grandparent too,

A whole flock to play ping pong!


And all along its journey,

The playful heart was never completely alone,

Because playful hearts kept showing up,

On foot and by phone,

In through its doorstep,

Often in groups,

Landing in its inbox,

Hanging out on its stoops!


One day those hearts got together

To honor the playful heart in all

To really effing live it

They’re out there having a ball!


Now every February 1st

Both near and afar

We notice our own playful journey

Wherever we are.


Go on a mission with others!

Have tea and cookies in your tutu!

Start a game of beach walk bingo!

Or Identify That Doo Doo!


When the heart is playful

The grateful eyes are lit

Now get thee on a mission,

Tag, my friend. You’re it!

Self-Org Groups in the Seattle Seafair Milk Carton Derby

this time love came softly in

this time love came softly in

Eva love

this time love came

softly in

sitting with my broken heart


last time she showed up

with tea

when I was reading


she arrives beside fear

to demand safe space  

to fully feel it


and I’ve noticed

you and I, friend,

summon her while playing


sharing a game, a secret,

and which Big Bang Theory character

we are