Welcome to Collective Self

I’m Lori Kane, Whidbey Island-based author, poet, editor, community story wrangler, and coworking space creator. If you need editorial help with your projects or community story wrangling services, check out the Services page. I’d love to help you or connect you with someone who can!

Our newest books are now orderable from your local bookstore, at farmers markets on Whidbey Island, and also available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The Grace of Dragons: Receiving the Gifts of Dementia Care Partnering was created as respite for too-busy caregivers and anyone else befriending grief on a daily basis. Year 2 Poet is our second in a series about the experience of reclaiming your artist self. Reimagination Station: Creating a Game-Changing In-Home Coworking Space tells the story of how we turned our home into a free community coworking space and changed our lives in the process. Recommended for people reimagining empty or under-valued spaces, homes, and neighborhoods into thriving community spaces. Our next book: Unshaken Wonder: Finding Wisdom in Each Step and Misstep will be available in September 2017.

It is a difficult year, friends. Don’t forget to breathe, make art, gather, and rest as you create and resist.

Recent Writings

Bitterness, Sweetness, and Bittersweetness

My mentor and friend Bernie has been told by doctors that he has a year left to live. Thanks to Bernie, I'm now aware that I—like him—have a choice here. Each new day now, actually, I have this choice: will I choose Bitterness, Sweetness, or Bittersweetness as my...

Life 101

i. see her there that wide open tree out my window the one with gray arm branches, no leaves, and peeling bark? holding divine moss in perfectly twisted hands? the one that all the flickers love? I am breaking, she says, just breaking. ii. Here in this valley between...


Since the inauguration two weeks ago, I've been having nightmares. I was too freaked out to share them, until I read Sherman Alexie's new poem Autopsy about his dream that his passport was bleeding. Thank you, master poet. For sharing your pain. I woke up the other...