Year 1 Poet

Coming November 30! A genre-bending new book! Part poetry + part illustrated story of becoming an artist + part practical ideas for/by people becoming artists now.

Different Office

Stories from Self-Created, Soul-Satisfying Work Space

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A Travel Guide for Transitions

Because Freaking Out About This by Myself Totally Sucks

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Different Work

Moving from I Should to I Love My Work

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The Transition Within – Our 2015 retreat series on Whidbey Island


Retreat 1: Crafting Your Story

Tackle scary transition monsters by becoming the creator/author of your story.

Retreat 2: Crafting Community

Prioritizing self + finding new community = rest within transition chaos.

Retreat 3: Crafting Your Space

Stride alongside transition fears by surrounding yourself with magic and beauty of your own making.

Retreat 4: Playing

For alumni of The Transition Within retreats, this retreat is about being, not doing. We’ll play, explore the island, and expand peace within us and our transitions.

Welcome to Collective Self

I’m Lori Kane, author of a 4-book series about surviving and thriving during major life transitions. The first three — Different Office: Stories from Self-Created, Soul-Satisfying Work Space (2014), A Travel Guide for Transitions: Because Freaking Out About This by Myself Totally Sucks (2013), and Different Work: Moving from I Should to I Love My Work (2012) — are non-fiction collections of stories and essays co-created and illustrated by Dutch Writer/Cartoonist Bas de Baar. The fourth book in the series, Year One Poet, is due out November 2014. This illustrated book of poetry celebrates my transition from non-fiction writer to poet and includes insights and tips for people becoming poets and artists.

Close to Whidbey Island? Come join us at the beach in 2015 for our 4-retreat series The Transition Within.

Recent Writings

The Return

I. Goodbye family who cannot bear the weight of me. Goodbye family whose deep pain my own frame cannot bear. We hung on for so long to outdated expectations to what we used to be failing each other, sinking our intertwined souls until it sickened, almost killed our...

Hate Within Me Now has a 3-Minute Shelf Life

We thought the Alzheimer’s diagnosis would be hard. Then, that the slow losing of mom as we knew her would be beyond hard. These things seemed shatteringly difficult for so very many others. How could we expect anything else? But we’re nine years in now....