Reimagination Station

What does it mean to reimagine part of your private home as a community space? What does it take to imagine, run, work in, let go of, and play in a free in-home coworking space? What are the impacts of doing so on the homeowners, housemates/renters, neighbors, coworkers, neighborhood, city, and region?

We are living answers to these questions and offer experience-based hints for others playing with similar ideas. This flash nonfiction book was written in 4 weeks then published in less than 4 weeks to be timely, useful, and affordable for community members and friends.

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Year 1 Poet

Once upon a time there was a writer who got bogged down by life. She set herself adrift and landed on a magic island where getting lost was a good thing. One day some strange women knocked on her door, walked in, and called her a poet. It was then that she remembered that she was a poet. How had she forgotten? This story is true.

Year 1 Poet is part illustrated storybook, part poetry book, and part tips from the trenches by/for those becoming poets and other kinds of artists. It’s 100 pages: an easy weekend read. Illustrated by three ridiculously humble genius friends. Purchase at your favorite local bookstore or online here…

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Different Office

Stories from Self-Created, Soul-Satisfying Work Space

For the community-lover, entrepreneur, and small-organization creator in you.

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A Travel Guide for Transitions

Because Freaking Out About This by Myself Totally Sucks

For when you get overwhelmed, exhausted, and freaked out.

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Different Work

Stories of moving from I Should to I Love My Work.

For the dreamer in you and for the voice that says “There’s got to be something better than this.”

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Welcome to Collective Self

I’m Lori Kane, author, poet, in-home coworking space founder, and–as of this month–flash nonfiction expert. Our new book, Reimagination Station: Creating a Game-Changing In-Home Coworking Space, just hit store shelves: less than 8 weeks after the idea to create the book surfaced! Yay! Recommended for people curious about the idea of reimagining part of a private home space as community space. And for people who like the idea of reimagining your self, home, neighborhood, city, and region simultaneously.

Recent Writings


a flash poem inspired by my We Shall Dance With Mountains friends. Amazing photo by Joe Milmoe…   Together distant galaxies being born an opening hand stretching across the womb of space touch the darkness with spinning fingers new fingertips encountering...

Letting It Be

a flash poem inspired by my new We Shall Dance with Mountains friends…   Letting It Be soft paused cat nose to velvet bumblebee nose children down on the beach yelling to one another in self-created language: “Unda buda!” shout lungs...

Loving to Pieces, Autopoiesis

Flash poetry (created and shared online in <10 minutes) inspired by an amazingly prolific and resilient researcher friend. I turned a research abstract into a poem on the fly for him. That’s me apparently: nerdy poems on the fly, no waiting. Isn’t life...

Our Fevered State

1. Pain and Shock I lay in bed this week fevered and in pain energy drained throat on fire tired and sick while screens around me surface a young white face with stone dead eye sockets murderer, 9 times over lily white terrorist with a Dorothy Hamill haircut imagined...