Welcome to Collective Self

I’m Lori Kane, Whidbey Island-based author, poet, editor, coworking space creator, and dementia care partner.

Our new books are now orderable from your local bookstore (yay local!) and available for quick purchase on Amazon.com. Year 2 Poet is our second in a 5-year series about the experience of reclaiming your artist self. The Grace of Dragons: Receiving the Gifts of Dementia Care Partnering was created as respite for too-busy caregivers and anyone else who has to befriend grief on a daily basis. Essays and poetry for “Why me?” days. And Reimagination Station: Creating a Game-Changing In-Home Coworking Space tells the story of how we turned our home into a free community coworking space and changed our lives in the process. Recommended for people reimagining empty or under-valued spaces, homes, and neighborhoods into thriving community spaces.

If you need writing or editorial help with your projects, check out our Services page. I’m happy to help or connect you with someone who can! Happy spring my friends!

Recent Writings

Artist Statement

Poetry isn’t what I was taught in middle school: rules and stilted contained lines written by long-dead rich old white dudes? Bleh. (I am not my friend Knox who makes old white guys so sexy.) Poetry is living your artist statement. Whether that means saying yes...


Security /səˈkyo͝orədē/ noun Weapons, walls, blame, and technology are not security. For me security is an open space within. Security is the freedom to be a gentle sprite at rest and moving among ever-shifting hearts. Cross-generational laughter. Borrowing others’...

Turning the Wheel

for Lynne   1. There is a voice that says “You don’t belong here.” that says “Your voice is not welcome here.” that says “This is my home. Not yours. Get out.” 2. Here is another voice that calls “Bullshit” on the first voice that urges “Fight” urges “Protest”...